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Fingerprint Recognition

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  • Dedicated & comprehensive after sales support

  • Most commonly used biometric technology with high acceptability & accuracy

  • Throughput of up to 30 persons per minute

  • High level of acceptance during capturing and verification

  • Available up to 100000 users in 1: N Mode

  • Suitable for outdoor applications as well


Each person has his/her own unique fingerprints – even identical twins have different fingerprints. A fingerprint comprises about a hundred major features, called minutiae. In most cases, a match between around a dozen minutiae is needed to prove that two fingerprints are identical, and establish a person’s identity to a very high degree of certainty.

Biometric verification parameterOptical Finger print Sensor (Touch Technology), Only Card, Card + Finger, Card + Finger + PIN
Verification TimeLess than 2 Second
User CapacityUpto 100K in 1:1 mode, 500/3000/5000/10000/100000 in 1:N mode
Transaction Memory100000 transactions minimum
Smart Card technologiesMifare/Desfire, Prox, i-Class contactless
Communication InterfaceTCP/IP, Weigand, Dataclock,RS 485, RS 232 & GPRS on demand
ProccessorARM Cortex 7/Cortex A9
FARFrom 10ˉ² down to 10ˉ⁴
FRRFrom 10ˉ² down to 10ˉ⁴
Operating ConditionIndoor & Outdoor
CertificationsCE, RoHS, REACh & WEEE, FBI PIV IQS Certified