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Our range of Biometric and non-biometric reader can be fitted with the best pedestrian barriers suiting your requirement for today and tomorrow. Modern solutions demand environmentally compatible and energy-efficient technology over and above innovative and future-oriented engineering. We at Protel Labs deal with all types of pedestrian barriers including Flap, Turnstile, Swing Gates, High Door gates, Full height Turnstiles to name a few. Our portfolio includes mechanical, motorized, and manual barriers. In addition to optimizing your resources, it also enables to have complete control, over access at entrances to offices and administrative buildings, factories, banks, and many other highly secured facilities. All our products are easy to install, operate, and maintain with proper service support. We have exposure in installing and maintaining products from Indian and International brands like Magnetic Auto Control, Gunnebo, KABA, Boon Edams, Sivananda, and Ashirwad, etc. Not to mention they come with all valid certifications be it UL, CE, etc.


  • Dedicated & comprehensive after sales support
  • Electronic Security audits
  • InHouse repair workshops at Chennai
  • Onsite support on demand
  • Online support 24/7 on demand
  • Technically competent & certified manpower

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