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Leave Management? Leave it toAtrak - Protel HRMS!

Streamline employee leave management without a hassle with Atrak

Manage and track employee leaves with our leave management system. The simple and easy-to-use interface of Protel Labs HRMS Atrak makes leave processing easy for both the employees and employers. Streamlining employee leave management helps tackle multiple concerns in a single stroke. It eliminates repetitive work involved in leave administration and employee follow-ups, saving time, and transaction costs.
Atrak helps you manage your company’s workforce with ease by keeping track of all scheduled employee time off and keeps business operations running smoothly. It also helps you save the time and cost spent on searching for leave records, by eliminating time-consuming document searches and cutting overtime bills with a centralized database.

How do you Benefit

An efficient company runs effectively with a well maintained and highly organized management system on deck. Human resource management is one such part of an well balanced company management system where we deliver the tools for the easiness of your work. Our high quality HR solution software will give you the edge over your other competitors and will also help you and your employees to work error free for more productivity and better quality.


Real Time Approvals

Protel Labs HRMS — Atrak also offers the convenience of a special mobile application feature, configured for Android & IOS. This application enables employees to view their outstanding leave and also the status of the applied leave. They can also apply, cancel, or postpone leave. The managers in turn can either approve or reject an employee‘s application for leave, using the mobile app.

Leave Policies

The leave management system automates the leave policies of companies completely and is entirely configurable. Our module has more than 45 completely configurable rules and a few of the configurable rules which makes the transition more accurate and easier.

Types of Leave

The leave management system is configured with different types of leaves which are generally prevalent in organizations. However, the dynamic nature of our module offers provision for configuring and customizing any specific type of leave that is unique to an organization.

Key Features

  • Leave Policies

  • Leave Type

  • Leave Status

  • Comp-Off Status

  • Leave Reports

  • Leave Encashment

  • Leave Approve

  • Mobile Application

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