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Iris Recognition

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  • Combination of two eyes at the same time

  • Innovative and universal biometric technology

  • Highest level of accuracy during enrollment and verification

  • Enhanced anti spoofing capabilities

  • FBI PIV IQS Certified

  • FAR and FRR negligible

  • Throughput of up to 25 persons per minute

  • Works well with low light conditions


The iris is the colored part of the eye, behind the cornea. It is formed before birth and its appearance changes very little during a person’s life. A person’s right iris is as different from the left iris as it is from another person’s iris. And the irises of identical twins are as different from each other as are the irises of two persons chosen at random. This distinction makes iris recognition a very reliable identification technique, even if the person concerned is wearing spectacles or contact lenses. We bring you the best IRIS based biometric devices that are not only fast but also fool proof for your touch less biometric requirement. It is available either on mobile or in combination with face + IRIS technology

Biometric verification parameterOnly Face, Face + Dual IRIS verification, Mobile based IRIS
Verification TimeLess than 1 Second
User CapacityUpto 3K in 1:N mode
Transaction Memory1000000 transactions minimum
Smart Card technologiesNA
Communication InterfaceTCP/IP, Weigand, Dataclock
ProccessorARM Cortex 7,Cortex A9
FARFrom 10ˉ² down to 10ˉ⁴
FRRFrom 10ˉ² down to 10ˉ⁴
Operating ConditionIndoor
CertificationsCE, RoHS, REACh & WEEE Certified