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Assembly Point Evacuation System - every LIFE matters

During any emergency, Evacuation Assembly Points ( EAP ) play the most crucial role. It is here that all the present employees / Visitors & Others have to assemble. Once assembled the Fire warden or Marshal takes a manual Headcount and compiles the information against those who were present to arrive at the missing headcount list. The entire exercise is mammoth, time-consuming, and prone to errors.

Our intelligent Assembly Point solution takes the experience to the next level and we are able to arrive at a 100% accurate Missing Headcount report within a flat 3 minutes. Further, we are also able to locate the last worked/visited area of the missing person within the same duration so that the utilization of trained Fire Marshalls is accurate and life-saving.

For proper Evacuation procedure , we have linked a preview video for you. Click the button to view.

Key Features

  • Instantly know who are all on-site during an emergency

  • Generate missing person’s list within 3 minutes flat

  • Rugged & Outdoor device with a RFID reader, Headcount sensor & Strobe for round the clock operation

  • Simple to use with no hassle operation

  • Can be integrated with most access control system

  • Can handle multiple Safe Assembly point in a single solution

  • Fire drills can be monitored and reported on to prove their frequency, compliance and effectiveness

  • Is available both on cloud or networked solution

Intelligent DASHBOARD

We Offer a customized emergency dashboard that can display the headcount in any pattern you desire. It will offer data based on the type of user; i.e Contractual employee/ Direct employee/ Visitor/ Vendor etc. Further, it can also show the data based on assembly points or Gate-wise. The data will be refreshed every 3 seconds so that no one is missed out.

The biggest USP in our solution is the next level of operation where we can also present the list of missing people with their last point of flash. This really helps the fire marshals to locate the missing person without scanning the entire factory.

Additionally, the display can also provide details of the Fire Marshalls available during the particular shift.

Further, the same Dashboard can be used as a Headcount dashboard during normal times.

Assembly Point HARDWARE

For capturing the Assembly point headcount we utilize the existing access cards in use, in your organization alternately we can also provide new cards or use Biometric verification with a throughput of around 30 to 45 persons per minute. All assembly points are equipped with emergency Hardware. The moment the emergency is declared these readers start providing audio and visual indication through Strobes so that it is easy to locate these points. While entering the safe assembly point the users are required to flash his/her smart card.  In case someone is not carrying the smart card then the system will automatically capture the Headcount such that we know the exact count at the assembly points.

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