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Take decisions on the move using ourMobile App

Our in-house mobile app now provides you the flexibility to manage day to day HR activities on the GO!


BYOD (bring your own device) is today’s Buzzword! Companies across the globe are now more and more moving towards Mobile apps. Our HRMS solution also caters to this growing trend and brings you everything from Leave application to approvals along with complete ESS features. We have dedicated versions for end-users and for supervisors/managers such that they have the flexibility to decide when they are on the GO. Not only that we can also offer pay tabs, travel module, or canteen module to name a few.

How do you Benefit

An efficient company runs effectively with a well maintained and highly organized management system on deck. Human resource management is one such part of an well balanced company management system where we deliver the tools for the easiness of your work. Our high quality HR solution software will give you the edge over your other competitors and will also help you and your employees to work error free for more productivity and better quality.


Manage on the Move

Allows you to make decisions outside the office premises whether it is Leave management, Absence management, applications, or approvals. Also, it enables you to keep a tab on your HR resources with our active dashboard option.

Intuitive ESS Dashboard

Whether it is viewing your payslip or canteen booking, all can be accomplished here and not to mention any other request status like travel, reimbursements, etc. It also allows the flexibility of marking attendance on the GO

Choice of Flavours

Customized dashboards are available for different categories of users. The base version caters to all employees and is limited to only personal AMS data whereas the manager’s dashboard will have additional details like team headcount, shift wise headcount, late comings, approvals, etc.

Query Manager

Our mobile app comes with a state of art query manager. Any query can be raised online and the status can be viewed on the move

Key Features

  • ReaAvailable on Android & iOS

  • Quick Dashboards/Head count

  • Notifications

  • Ready reckoner holiday list

  • Customized interface on demand

  • Canteen access on demand

  • Transportation module access on demand

  • Geo Tracking & Geo fencing on demand

  • Free updates

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