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Bring out the best of your workforce with ourAppraisalSystem

Align your workforce with organizational goals and track relevant milestones or employee performance throughout the year with Protel HRMS Performance Appraisal PerfTrak System.



Implementing appropriate Appraisal strategies motivates employees to keep their performance levels high. Protel Labs’ transparent appraisal strategies with increased employee engagement help give timely feedback and accolades for accomplishments. Our Performance Appraisal module excels in providing the most powerful tools to streamline, improve, and automate the complete performance management process.

How do you Benefit

An efficient company runs effectively with a well maintained and highly organized management system on deck. Human resource management is one such part of an well balanced company management system where we deliver the tools for the easiness of your work. Our high quality HR solution software will give you the edge over your other competitors and will also help you and your employees to work error free for more productivity and better quality.


Helps identify strength and weaknesses

The PerfTrak HRMS system helps in identifying the skill gaps and draw training and development | plans for the employees based on their competencies. Our PerfTrak helps to identify employee strengths and leverage them to excel in their performance

Performance appraisals are great feedback

Automated feedback to employees at regular intervals that are continuous and objective, persuades employees to remain on the edge always and work better.

Enables easy assessment of employees

Pre-populated and easy to fill appraisal forms help managers to assess employees easily.

Promotes a sense of excellence and professionalism within the organization

Transparent appraisal system act as positive reinforcement and creates a sense of ownership with all the stakeholders. Ownership leads to taking responsibilities and excel to perform.

Fair Promotions

Performance appraisals ensure that only the most deserving employee gets promoted. Promotions will be based only on performance and nothing else.

Key Features

  • Identifying Key Result Areas (KRA) of All Employees

  • Goal Setting

  • Behavioural Dimensions

  • Self Assessment

  • Reporting Officer Appraisal

  • Reviewer Appraisal

  • Mid-Year Review

  • Year-End Review

  • Bell Curve

  • Training Calendar

  • MIS / Performance Matrix

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